Gasoline Delivery Service (301)202-4GAS 

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Have a question, email us: or call us 301-202-4GAS

Q: What is the monthly membership fee?
A: $20 per month (once a week delivery) or $37.50 per month (twice a week delivery)

Q: How do I pay?
A: After you sign up for our service, you will be sent an email invoice for $150.  This $150 will be credited to your account.  After each fill up, the price of gasoline delivered will be debited from your account.  The monthly membership fee will be automatically deducted from your account each month.  When your account balance drops below $10, you will be sent another email invoice for $150 to replenish your account.

Q: How is the price of gas determined?
A: The price that you pay for gas is determined by the current market price for gasoline.  Park and Fuel will provide gasoline at (or below) the average price for the zip code where the fuel is delivered.

Q: Do you need to get into my vehicle?
A: No, Park and Fuel will never need your car keys or access to you car.  We only need access to your gas tank.  If your tank needs to be opened from the inside of the car, you will have to leave it open for us to access your tank on the day of delivery.

Q: Are your meters accurate?
A: Yes, Park and Fuel takes great pride in providing it’s service with honesty and integrity.  Park and Fuel adheres to all of the regulations set forth by the Maryland Department of Agriculture Weights and Measure division.  All of our gasoline meters have been put into service after being inspected and calibrated by a state certified calibration company.  Our meters are both NTEP and NIST handbook 44 approved!

Q: How do I know how much gas was delivered to my car?
A: After each fill-up, you will be emailed a detailed summary of the delivery which will include: the amount of gasoline delivered, price per gallon, and remaining account balance.

"Park and Fuel is amazing... I love not going to the gas station!" - Naomi G.
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