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Drone Fuel Delivery

Park and Fuel Drone Press Release, July 2018


Park and Fuel, a gasoline delivery service located in Maryland, has become the first company to deliver gasoline using a drone. “This is an exciting time for Park and Fuel,” said CEO and Founder, Andrew Glenn. “As pioneers of the gasoline delivery industry, we continue to develop innovative ways to deliver gasoline directly to our customers vehicles.”

Park and Fuel has been delivering gasoline to cars, boats, and RVs since it was established in 2009. This company is committed to developing new methods of providing service to their customers who love the convenience of not going to the gas station.

As drone technology continues to develop and additional advancements are made, being able to regularly deliver gasoline using a drone will become a reality. Park and Fuel is looking to partner with drone manufacturers and delivery companies to ensure the success of this endeavor. Most importantly, Park and Fuel will work closely with regulators to ensure all deliveries are done safely.

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